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„Cooking relaxes me. It brings me joy.“

hey there!

Who is The Vegan Architect?

Hey there, I am Iris C. M. Frank. A twenty- three six years old architecture student who lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth: Graz, in Southern Styria, Austria. I can not sit still for a single minute and I talk a lot, not only in German, but also in English and Italian. Recently I have started taking Spanish courses again and I am trying to slow down life, to enjoy every moment and spread positive vibes. Overall, I am a quirky girl, who is always busy and dreams about living and working in the tropics. Apparently I have a green thumb and I really love to motivate people. Some of my hobbies, besides cooking and eating, include illustrating, photography, jogging, yoga, visiting flea markets, traveling and having profound talks with my friends. I spend most of my free time with my lovely boyfriend Thomi and our two rescue dogs. Together we created this blog, thank you so much for everything Baby!

Why Veganism?

I have been an ethical vegan for about 6 years and didn’t eat any meat in 13 of those 26 years. I am healthy, energetic and very „well-nourished.“ 🍑 One of the reasons it’s gotten so easy for me being vegan especially within the past few years is the vast amount of vegan recipes on the internet, which is also why I decided to be a part of this movement. The only animal product I do consume (very rarely though) is honey. It is a very high-quality honey from my grandmother’s neighbor. Even my dogs are on a 99% vegan diet. I am an ethical vegan because I do think factory farming is morally very wrong and incredibly disturbing. I am a very emotional person who constantly feels how people / animals feel, which is why I do want to help make this world a better place. It is absolutely possible, affordable etc. for me to be vegan and so I daily choose to be one. I do not buy any (new) leather or whole products. I have always been a fan of buying second hand clothes but I don’t know if I feel good about „promoting“ animal products of any kind. All I want to do is to protect mother nature and help animals & people. I am hippie deep inside, who will to travel the world to build eco-friendly houses and spread veganism!

What do I write about?

If you are new to this website: welcome & let me give you a big virtual hug! 💖 I create plant-based recipes, talk about life and share personal stories of all kinds. My food is always vegan, sometimes low in fructose, raw, sugar or gluten free. I thought to suffer from fructose malabsorption, and doctors told me that I am not supposed to consume all kinds of fruits and vegetables. To be honest, this diagnosis wasn’t very delightful. Long story short: fructose and I are friends again. The gastrointestinal trachas its own autonomous nervous system, the so-called enteric nervous system and because I lived an incredibly stressful life, I had all kinds of health issues because of it. It all started with the antibiotics I „had to take“ for several months about 14 years ago. I was constantly sick back then, which was because of a very unhealthy lifestyle consisting of highly processed foods containing eggs, dairy and a lot of meat.

Today, I am thriving on a long term vegan diet. I feel so damn good and I very, very rarely get sick.  I might not always eat the healthiest foods, (because Christmas cookies and delicious vegan desserts) but having a green smoothie and a home-cooked meal rich in vegetables, leafy greens and legumes every day is very important to me. I think a high-carb raw vegan diet is the most beneficial solution, but I have made the experience that adding a little more fats and proteins to my diet does make me happier and more relaxed overall.

Do I take Supplements?

Yes, I do take supplements. I get Vitamin B12 shots from time to time and I take vitamin K2 and giving tryptophan capsules a try. Because why not?! Also, I take „natural supplements“ in the form of Brazil nuts to add some selenium to my diet and I use iodized salt. Overall I my blood levels are very good, and I take these supplements because I want my body to be balanced and I am having a hard time to keep track of the intake of every single vitamin. (Just like every other person on earth.)

What are my Future Plans?

As much as I love blogging, I have decided to focus a lot more on architecture within the upcoming years, which is why you can already rarely find me at events or see me giving cooking courses. My biggest dream is to do environmentally friendly architecture (hopefully in the tropics 🌴), to find new uses for old structures, work with ecological materials and integrate sophisticated energy design to create a unique style of sustainable architecture. In the meantime, I will keep you updated with recipes, travelogues and whatever comes to my mind.

Why should we stay in touch? 

I started this blog to give people a better insight of what a real vegan diet can be like, how easy, healthy and cheap it actually is. Cooking is so much fun, so my advice is not to put too much pressure on yourself, don’t rigidly stick to the recommended amounts or times, listen to your senses and have some fun! After all, we learn from our mistakes… in the kitchen and in life. I hope you will enjoy spending time on my blog. If you have any questions or just need someone to talk to about vegan related issues you can contact me. It might take me a while to answer (because busy), but I really hope we can get in touch!


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