Hey guys, I have some really good news. I won at the AMA FOOD BLOG AWARD 2015. I am incredibly happy, surprised, grateful, speechless… I could go on for hours, stuttering weird stuff, just like yesterday at the award presentation. So, long story short check out all the winners below. As you can probably see by now, I won two prices at the categories baking and regional. Isn’t that just amazing? Can not believe it. Thank you so much AMA & jury. It was such a nice event outside vienna, at Bergmühle Stadtflucht. My boyfriend, supporter, IT & graphic design behind TVA and probably my biggest fan joined me. Thank you baby, for everything. You taught me how to believe in myself, and never let me sink in self doubt again. Without you, I wouldn’t be me.


Food Blog of the Year: Eingebrockt und Ausgelöffelt 

Homemade: Besserbissen

Vegan: S-Küche

Baking: me, with My Green Heart

Regional: me, with Lavender Lime Waffles

Crowd Favorite: Alpenkoch

We had a lovely evening. For me it was my first blogger meet up, and I was so nervous. Finally got to meet all the other talented bloggers, who have such great recipes and blog designs as well. I had great conversations with some jury members and organizers. It is so good to see how the food blogger scene is more and more honored and valued. What starts out as a hobby can become something much bigger. You know, what amazes me the most? From 4 recipe categories, 3 vegan recipes won. YAS VEGANISM.

So, back to bed. We are enjoying two comfy days in a lovely hotel in Lower Austria.

AMA - excitement congratulations to us the morning after

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