enjoy this homemade pizza

So today I want to share my favorite pizza recipe with you, because who doesn’t love italian cuisine? Well, I sure do. I am seriously considering to make a weekend trip to southern Italy just for the food, I would just go from restaurant to restaurant and eat all day long.

baby pizza ingredients


I did an exchange semester in Naples when I was in school, btw. So can you guess what the best part was? The food. Not that I didn’t enjoy going out in the evenings with these amazing people from my school, or taking boat trips, or living right by the sea, or becoming more and more fluent in italian, or taking a glance at the unbearable beauty of the Vesuvius day after day, or living the adventure of being alone in such an enormous, chaotic and vivid city…well I am trying to point out how much I love Italian food here but as I am about to tell you how nice it is to be able to prepare your own Italian meals that actually taste just like Italy, I must admit that the truth is, no matter how amazingly Italian it tastes, it will probably still not feel like Italy. Because being in Italy has some kind of charm, that touches you deeply emotionally. It will make every move, every breath and every glance feel more intense than they ever have. (Dear boyfriend – go pack your bags. I want to go on an italian food weekend trip asap.)

Some advice from me to you:

  • The thinner the dough the better the pizza
  • Give the yeast time to rise
  • prepare a hot & hearty tomato sauce
  • use lots of fresh basil & arugula, the more the better
  • top with lots of native olive oil
  • and go to Italy whenever you can

for 2; vegan


– 400 g flour (add as much as your dough needs )
– yeast
– 3 tbsp. of salt
– 300 ml of warm water

– 3 handfuls of tomatoes
– 1 spring onion
– garlic
– salt
– olive oil

– arugula
– fresh basil
– 2 chili peppers
– olive oil


1. Let the yeast slowly melt in warm water, knead it well with 300 g flour until the dough has a smooth surface.
2. Place dough at the centre of a bowl, cover with a clean tea towel and put in oven for at least an hour or more at 50°C.
3. The dough will need some time to rise. If necessary knead in the rest of the flour until your dough has a smooth surface again.
4. Now roll out dough and cut into little circles.

1. For the tomato sauce heat olive oil in a pan and finely chop tomatoes, spring onion and garlic.
2. Only add ingredients to pan when the oil is really hot. I like it when the tomato sauce has a smokey side flavor. You will have to cook the sauce for about 5 minutes.
3. Spread it evenly onto your mini pizzas.
4. Heat oven on 220° and bake pizzas for about 5 minutes.
5. When the dough gets crispy, le pizze sono ready.

Before serving, top them with a lot of arugula, basil and a little bit of olive oil and chili. Enjoy.

Health Benefits

Arugula seems to be especially useful in protecting against certain chancres. It helps to regulate immune function and when consumed freshly it is loaded with vitamin C. It is very low in calories ( about 0.5 calories per leaf ) and has an incredible cooling effect on the body making in a great summer salad classic. Arugula further helps to reduce inflammation and the high levels of vitamin K play a crucial role in bone health.

the perfect pizza doughhow I prefer to cut out the baby pizzathis is how flat your dough should bethey are ready top with arugula and basilhomemade & super delicious