Hey guys, todays blogpost is a little different than usual. I want to talk about business cards. When I started this blog, I didn’t think I’d need them anytime soon, so time passed by and there were so many situations when I wished I had one with me. So, finally my lovely boyfriend helped me out with this problem.



At first I wanted to craft them by hand, you know ordering custom made stamps and so on. The thing is, I really suck at doing handicrafts, whenever we have to build models at the university I NEED the assistance of a laser cutter, or it’s gonna be super embarrassing. Boyfriend found a solution:

Since food blogging is a fun hobby that now slowly starts to bring in some money, it’s time to be professional.

  • One of the first things about making a good appearance, is having an honest business card.
  • It shouldn’t be too thin
  • and the price is an issue. You don’t want to spend hundreds of euros for a handful of business cards at that early stage.

Perfection & high class design isn’t always the best solution, cheap cards aren’t either. We decided to stick with TVA’s classic design and color. Turquoise and faded orange. We found a cute way to integrate something new: the tiny little watermelon. Watermelons are totally my thing. So as you can see the boyfriend did such a good job. Let me know what you think! Where did you get your business cards from?
all professionalbusiness babystaple it baby!


    • iris says:

      wirklich? ach <3 ich bin so zufrieden! ich würd deine gerne sehen, welche Farbe hast du denn gewählt? alles liebe nach berlin 🙂 <3 iris

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