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It’s February 22nd, lets celebrate! I have prepared this fantastic two in one „morning after“ brunch cocktail for you. It is fresh, hydrating, flavorful, spicy and playful. This combination of two cocktails is for all those of you who just can’t decide. Well, guess what, you can actually have it all, simply add a fruit based popsicle. And if you are not into mango switch it out for pineapple, strawberry or avocado. My favorite part of this cocktail? The chili powder. Let the C.M. Margarita take you to the adventurous side of life.
> Read more about how to cure a hangover below.



Have you ever had a coconut orange margarita? You absolutely have to give it a try. It is so good. I used a coconut milk brand with a high fat content. This will enhance the flavor and you will end up with such a creamy consistency. You can definitely add more agave syrup if you want to and lots of crushed ice as well.

for 5; vegan, gluten free


– 2cl Cointreau
– 4cl Tequila
– 1 ripe mango
– 6cl orange juice
– 4cl lime juice
– 1 tbsp. agave syrup


1. Peel mango and cut into pieces.
2. Blend mango with Cointreau, Tequila, agave syrup, orange and lime juice until creamy and smooth.
3. Pour the mixture into ice-pop molds, dividing evenly. Insert teaspoons and freeze until firm, at least 4 hours and up to 4 days.



– 6cl Tequila
– 4cl Cointreau
– 6cl fresh orange juice
– 4cl fresh lime juice
– 24cl (150 ml)coconut cream
– 3 tbsp. agave syrup
– 4 handfuls of ice cubes
– chili powder
– sea salt


1. Chill the glass. Rim your glass with salt by wetting the outside rim of the glass with lime juice or agave syrup. Dab the rim into the salt.
2. Blend ice cubes with Tequila, Cointreau, orange juice, lime juice, coconut cream, and agave syrup.
3. Serve with one  mango margarita popsicle and decorate with chili powder.

it is summer somewhere

How to cure a hangover:

1. So what to do when you feel like going for that booze?

  • As mentioned above drink more water than alcohol. Always ask for a refill.
  • Don’t mix. Just don’t. You wanna go for rum? Go for rum! Don’t have a glass of wine in between, seriously don’t. You will regret that decision deeply tomorrow morning.
  • Don’t have your booze mixed with energy drinks, it is pretty dangerous.
  • Say no to cheap alcohol! Ask for the good brands. Feel confident to spend a little more and you will taste and feel the difference.
  • „Vorglühen“ which basically means „Preheating“. Austrians love to „preheat“ at their friends places. It’s a lot of fun. It saves money. You can be fancy and have high quality brands and a really good time preparing cocktail with your friends without spending a fortune before hitting the first bar/club.

2. Finally home!

  • Keep a bucket close, just in case. Please, don’t confuse it with the strainer.
  • Close those curtains for a good night sleep, you don’t need that sun in your drunk face.
  • Take a shower. Drunk showers are magic.
  • Eat! Eat them fatty foods you’re supposed to avoid, they will support the drunk you.
  • Keep a huge glass of water close.

3. The morning after

  • Water! Now more water. And some more. Always add lemon or lime juice, this is going to be your base for keeping that hangover under control.
  • Coconut water is a miracle and green tea is too.
  • For breakfast, I recommend you to go for a huge frozen banana vanilla smoothie. It’s satiating, its hydrating and its easy on the stomach. Prep time? 1 minute.
  • Kick out that tinder date. Best excuse? Tell them you have to go see your parents and leave with them. Sit in your car and watch them hit the streets. Easy Sunday mornings are not to be wasted on Saturday night mistakes.
  • Regret the last four drinks.
  • Think about the crazy things that happened yesterday while reading the drunk texts you’ve sent.
  • Go for a brunch with your friends, be brave and have a little morning after cocktail.
  • Take a walk. Yes, I know, life is tough but so are you.
  • Go back to bed.
  • Decide to go on a detox starting on Monday.

salt rim & orangesblue and orangea margarita a day keeps the doctor away