salad, curry and patty Hey guys, as you probably know some days ago, on November 1st the WORLD VEGAN DAY was celebrated. So perfect timing to introduce you to this amazing vegan place when Thomi and I discovered on our road trip this May. It is about my beloved Centro Tinkuy which is part of the GRACIAS A LA VIDA Associação. I found this amazing place on happy cow. As many of you know, we have been discovering Portugal for 5 weeks. Starting from Porto, going all the way down along the coast to Tavira, which lies right next to the Spanish boarder and then we headed back up to Lisbon. This country is, simply put heaven on earth. It is honest, calm, pure and loaded with positive and creative energy. I hope we can go back very soon, I made me feel like a different, more happy and relaxed person.


Back to centro tinkuy. Isaura, her lovely daughter, husband Joaquin and their sweet dogs welcome like minded people from all over the world into their lovely home. Isaura cooks the most amazing 5 course vegan menus and if you are as lucky as we are, you will have mind opening conversations with them. We went there two nights in a row. The location (their private home) was a little difficult to find, but hey don’t give up! Also do not forget to make a reservation some hours in advance, (you can find her phone number here) because all the meals are home cooked and will be prepared especially for you. On the pictures below you can see some of our meals: hummus, miso soup, coconut curry with rice, salad and a patty and for dessert we had a yummy banana crepe and some hot chocolate or coffee. As a beverage we had something that was very new to us: tamarind juice. (Yum!)

So what is the GRACIAS A LA VIDA A.?

It is a group of people who are sharing their knowledge and creativity in a positive and honest way. They help each other as much as they possibly can, just like a family.

Also, what means Tinkuy?

Tinkuy is a Quechuan word, and has a lot of meanings. Quechuan is a native American language and widely spoken in the Andes region of South America. Tinkuy can mean anything from meeting, melting point, of harmonization of opposites, space of individual meeting, self-discovery, construction of collective and so much more. You have learned something new today, a unique word with a very positive message.

What more is there to say? I miss this place a lot, and we are planning to go back and stay with them in their guesthouse next time! We felt just like home. You can find more pictures and their contact information about housing here. They are very sweet and welcoming, if you have any kind of special wishes they will happily try to find a comforting solution.

Centro Tinkuy interiorThomi & Ozzifresh hummusCentro TinkuyJoy & Chickens dinner!

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