Hey guys, I am always talking about how I want to blog more about healthy raw / hclf recipes, but I always end up baking cakes. Don’t worry, healthy food combinations will follow soon. This recipe is definitely worth a second look. My mother in law is really good at baking, without ease she keeps making us the most amazing vegan desserts from scratch. So baking her a birthday cake was def. a personal challenge. I was looking up several recipes and searched desperately for inspiration. The idea was to go for a modified combination of an Austrian favorite Sacher cake and an Italian Stracciatella topping.


I ended up making two cakes as I had to ditch the first one. When it comes to traditional cakes, I just had to except the high sugar and fat amount. So, this one turned out pretty good and I got to add all the different flavors that I was having in mind: creamy chocolate, red wine and stracciatella. Oh yes. Grete was really happy about her birthday cake. We had some delicious champagne from Zuschman Schöfmann. Grüner Veltliner Champagne, which is very new to me. Lovely vegan surprise! Also they have the sweetest hotel and CI. We stayed there when I collected my two prices from the AMA Food Blog Award 2015 and really loved it. This is not a vegan hotel, yet they are open minded and know how to pull of a good vegan breakfast & meal.

So, lets talk about vegan baking. Have you heard of Aquafaba? Basically it’s the liquid in a can of chickpeas. Apparently you could use it as a 100% fool prove replacement for whipped egg whites. So far I didn’t try it because I am used to work with dried chickpeas. You can definitely soak them yourself, but probably longer than 12 hours. So my homemade Aquafaba mass didn’t turn into what looks like whipped egg whites, but the consistency reminded me of beaten eggs and it did make the cake very fluffy and smooth. And no weird side taste at all! Great consistency for the first try! The plum jam and the vegan red wine add a very special note. I was using little amounts, but I am gonna add much more the next time. So spread all the jam you wish. For the stracciatella cream I bought Bio Soy Whipping Cream here. As you probably know I am usually going only for coconut cream, this time I wanted to change things up a little. I could see a dash of almond extract in it as well. The chocolate I used for this delicious cream was from Zuschmann Schöfmann as well. They sell so many nice things right next to the comfy breakfast area.

It turned out to be such a lovely, cruelty free & healthy cake. Honestly? In 2015 we have no more excuses not to go vegan. There are so many options and it is just a matter of willpower. Do you want to make a change? I hope you do. You can enjoy life to the fullest without harming other living beings and the environment. So, I hoped you liked this entry and enjoy the pictures. I had so much fun baking this cake.

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for x; vegan


– 300g flour
– 80g cacao powder
– 40g vegan chocolate (80%)
– 50g natural cane sugar
– 80g powdered sugar
– 120g vegan butter & coconut oil
– 400 ml + coconut milk

– 1 tsp. of guar gum
– 300 ml of chickpea water
– 1 tbsp. of baking powder

– dark chocolate confiture
– plum jam
– vegan red wine

– 250g bio soy whipping cream
– 250 ml coconut cream
– 1/4 tsp. guar gum
– vegan dark chocolate
– a dash of lemon juice
– 4 tbsp. of powdered sugar
– vanilla extract or else
– raspberries


1. Sieve flour and cacao powder. Add powdered sugar, natural cane sugar and vanilla sugar. In a pot melt chocolate, butter and coconut oil, add coconut milk and stir until everything liquifies.
2. Slowly bring together liquids and sold ingredients and stir up well.

1. Soak chickpeas the night before. With a hand mixer beat some of the chickpea water with baking powder and guar gum until a thick sauce has formed.
2. Carefully fold EGGSUBSTITUTE into dough.
3. Prepare cake by greasing it with butter and powder with flour. Bring in cake batter.
4. Heat oven on 180°C bottom heat & circulating air. Bake for 40 minutes and cover with baking paper to bake more evenly. Bake for another 10 minutes on 200°C top and bottom heat without covering. Let cool down for at least 3 hours.

1. Use a fork or spoon to mix up plum JAM with vegan red wine. Cut cake horizontally in two parts and spread the insides with jam extensively. Bring halves together.
2. Melt chocolate confiture and cover cake with it. Start on top until everything is covered. You can let it cool down and add another layer if you want to. I didn’t have the time.

1. Start with coconut cream (the thicker part that forms on top of the coconut milk pack after you let cool it down for several hours.) and bio soy whipping cream. (Bought mine here.) Add a dash of lemon juice, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and the guar gum and keep stirring until a solid cream has formed. Now chop chocolate into tiny pieces and mix up with cream.
2. Place on top of chocolate cake and decor with fresh raspberries. Voila!

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  1. Mikkel Magnuson says:

    Bonzour Iris! I am big fan of your recipes.I have tried this on Christmas and it was awesome. I have almost tried almost all your cake recipes they
    always come out with new taste and blessing for you.I am very much impressed with your presentation also.Thanks for all your efforts to make every thing easy for us.

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