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Guys! I have been so absent, you can’t imagine how much I miss blogging and cooking healthy creative dishes. This semester is really intense and I have not been eating very healthy lately. Mostly pasta, bread and ice cream. Not feeling my best. Well one good thing happened: the less time I spend in the kitchen the more my boyfriend starts to experiment and finally he really seems to enjoy cooking. YAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse this emotional reaction, I just love it when guys cook. So the semester is almost over and this summer I will work way more on TVA and there will be some changes and lots of new articles and topics. Are you excited for summer? I am. No job, no university. Just me, my kitchen and I.

Let me know of there is anything you would love to see in the future.
Any recommendations or wishes?

processToday I have a not so healthy but very yummy recipe for all those of you who love Caipirinhas, ice cream and liquors. Hands up, who doesn’t!? I got to try out Licor 43, which is kind of new to me. It is a flavorful Spanish liquor, oh and it is very very sweet. I use liquors very rarely so I decided to work with a traditional recipe and kind of pimp it up with a very personal touch (I love coconut ice cream and anything that has been flambeed).

Apparently you can add liquors to basically anything and as someone who avoids conventional sugar I am kind of new to this. I especially enjoyed the combination of lime and the sweetness (vanilla, orange.. aaand 41 other ingredients :P) of Licor 43.

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for 1; vegan, gluten free


– 1 1/2 lime
– 3 tbsp. whole cane sugar
– 4 cl cachaça
– 2 handfuls of crushed ice
– 1 scoop of vegan coconut ice cream
– 4 cl Licor 43
– 1/2 peach


1. Wash lime well and cut into eight pieces.
2. In a glass smash fruit and 2 tbsp. of whole cane sugar together until sugar is almost entirely liquified, add crushed ice and cachaça.
3. Now add one scoop of vegan coconut ice cream and 4 cl of Licor 43 to your traditional Caipirinha to give it a bit of a kick.
4. Top with half a peach and flambé with one tbsp. of sugar.
5. Serve, drink and have a good time. Oh and don’t drive.

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