vegan architect & easy chocolate croissants

Hey guys, here is a sweet little something. I remember in my days back in Italy when I ditched Veganism and lived as  a not so healthy vegetarian for a while, all I could think of were croissants. Oh my. I had croissants for breakfast every morning, and let me tell you, those croissants were to die for. So apparently I overcame my addiction for croissants, but not so long time ago I woke up, and this is what I wanted, what I needed to have for breakfast, but eating dairy was not an option. I found a really simple recipe that will make you go off the roof.

what you need to make chocolate croissants yourself


Some pastries are actually vegan, so just look up the ingredients and you are ready to go. If you do not want to make chocolate yourself, just use regular vegan dark chocolate. (I just didn’t have any at home that day.) And now lets take a minute and look at those lovely croissants below.

for 4; vegan


– vegan strudel pastry ( Spar, Hofer…)
– 125 ml coconut milk
– 1 tbsp. of cane sugar
– 1 tbsp. of vanilla sugar
– 2 1/2 (or more) tbsp. of cacao powder

* or vegan chocolate if you have any at home ( 70% +)


1. Heat coconut milk and add vanilla sugar, cane sugar and cacao powder and mix well until you end up with a thick chocolate sauce.
2. Cut pastry in narrow triangles and spread chocolate sauce in the middle.
3. Start rolling from the wider part and form into a semi circle until you have the typical croissant look.
4. Make sure the thin end of the triangle is on top.
5. You can top it with some vegan butter and sprinkle with cane sugar before baking it on 200 °C for about 15 minutes. ( Follow strudel pastry instructions.) Enjoy.
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