eggpant & buckwheat rolls

Hey guys. Honestly, I find the weather a little too hot these days. In Graz there is literally no wind, and no humidity. It is simply hot and smelly. Ew. So this recipe makes the perfect summer dish. Cooling, low in fat and super easy to make. You can roast the eggplants in the oven for about 30 minutes. No oil needed! Buckwheat will provide you energy and eggplants are very low in calories but high in fiber which will help you to feel full. You can create similar dishes with zucchinis instead of eggplants, quinoa instead of buckwheat and also add some avocado. 

ingredients of buckwheat rolls– EGGPLANT & BUCKWHEAT ROLLS –

for 2; vegan & gluten free & low in fructose


– 1 eggplant
– 2 handfuls of buckwheat
– 4 asparagus stalks
– 2 handfuls of salad mix
– lemon juice
– fresh basil
– olive oil
– salt


1. Cut eggplant in thin slices and salt on both side. Put on kitchen towel and let the salt do its magic by removing some of the excess water from eggplants for around 30 minutes.
2. Heat oven on about 200°C and bake eggplant slices for around 20 minutes.
3. In the meanwhile cook buckwheat according to package directions and boil asparagus for 10 minutes. Once buckwheat is ready mix in olive oil, fresh basil, salt and lemon juice.
4. Remove eggplant slices from oven and start filling with the buckwheat mix, the salad and asparagus stalks. Start rolling. Serve immediately. Enjoy.

Health Benefits

Eggplants contain essential phyto-nutrients which improve blood circulation and nourish the brain. They are low in calories and contain no fat but are high in fiber which helps you to feel full. They can lower „bad“ cholesterol. They prevent blood clots because of Vitamin K and bioflavonoids which strengthen capillaries. They are lowering nervous tension.

Buckwheat is an excellent meat substitute by being a source of high quality, easy digestible proteins. Buckwheat may be helpful in the management of diabetes and works great for the digestion. It grows so quickly that it does not usually require a lot of pesticides. Further it is a warming food and contains no gluten. Also buckwheat is rich in iron, very high in antioxidants, filled with many minerals such as zinc, copper and niacin.

IMG_6043asparagus & eggplantfill and roll eggplant slicesrolls of eggplants with buckwheat, asparagus and saladeggplant & buckwheat rolls