vegan baileys by the vegan architect

To celebrate the 1st of may I decided to make some homemade baileys and let me tell you it was delicious. Better than the original. Boyfriend agrees. This is my faster, cheaper and healthier version. I had some whiskey left.  You can keep your homemade baileys in the fridge for a couple of days. Don’t store for too long, well.. not that it will make it to the next day. 

a simple, cheap and better version– HOMEMADE BAILEY’S –

for 2; vegan & gluten free


–   1/2 liter or more of coconut milk
– 1 fresh espresso
– 8 cl of (vanilla flavored) whiskey
– 1 tbsp. of vanilla sugar

Tip: Recycle glass for occasions like this.


1. Add all ingredients in an empty glass bottle and shake well.
2. Put in the fridge or serve on the rocks. Enjoy.

use fresh homemade espresso if possible
look at that8 cl of whiskey should be fineshake coffee, vanilla sugar, agave syrup, and whiskey