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Many bloggers from Styria were invited to blog about the Street Food Market in Graz, and so was I. It was being held from the 12th until the 14th of June. I couldn’t wait to go there, being really excited about finding one or two vegan food options. Boy, was I wrong. There were 9 completely vegan food stands and another 9 that provided vegan options. I did not expect such a high percentage. I talked, ate and drank my way through all of them. Also I explicitly decided to go there without brining a friend, which I don’t usually do. Hey, what a great experience, its nice to be on your own for once!

I got to talk to so many people, I learned so much about their backgrounds, their stories and their food. Even the not entirely vegan stands, where very open towards a vegan lifestyle, which positively surprised me. On the first day lots of people complained about the organization concerning having to waite in lines, not having enough seating options and so on. Honestly, I do not understand why. I found that the whole market had a great size, providing lots of benches and free space. It was great.

Also I finally met my food blogger friend Nina from Bodyholic for the first time, we had such a good time. Check out her website, she an aspiring food and fitness coach. I actually came to realize that it is pretty damn easy to be vegan nowadays. She follows a mostly paleo diet and I follow a strictly vegan one. You may think that as a paleo follower it’s easier to eat out because you are „allowed“ to eat meat and eggs, but it turns out that vegans have it way easier to adapt since we don’t exclude grains and legumes. Yay veganism.

So below you will find a selection of my favorite trucks and stands, starting with the entirely vegan ones, followed by vegan alcohol and ending with vegan options by food trucks who also serve meat or dairy.

street food market IIstreet food market IIIstreet food market I

Now here comes an absolut insider tip for Graz: I have heard of this restaurant before and I have been wanting to go there for months. Their food stand was my favorite of the street food market. I had a great chat with two ladies, and I really enjoyed the yummy wrap filled with tofu, mango chutney, fresh lettuce and more. I loved spending time with them and talking about veganism and their restaurant. What a lovely and positiv experience. At the „Erbse International“ they have a varying menu and burgers & wraps. Definitely worth the visit. Can’t wait to eat there again.

die erbse international Idie erbse international IIIdie erbse international II

Located in Graz, Bohemian Soul is a community cultural cafe and shop serving humanity and the planet. Their food stand was dominated by vegan cookies and chocolate. Oh my. You have got to try the lemon sparkle. „A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand!“ does it say on their sweet self-printed paper bags. They create spaces where people can come together to meet and exchange ideas. We talked about the community, they bake together and hold workshops. One of their main principals is not to exclude anyone, which is also why the cookies are vegan. I love that kind of spirit.

the bohemian soul I

What a lovely surprise. One of my favorite discoveries. Go Nutz sold the most amazing Peanut Butter Cups ever. Inspired by the US version, their cups are a healthier vegan option. I had the chance to try one of their sold out triple chocolate cups, and I am absolutely in love with them. Peanut Butter & Gelee, Chocolate & Pumpkin Seed and many more options were available.

go nutz IIgo nutz I

Sustainable United Responsible Fair. A Slovenian institute of almost (but the ghee) vegan food makers. This amazing food stand surprised their customers with many vegan dishes. I tried their vegan polenta & oyster mushroom tacos and they were soooo good. I also got to try water from a Slovenian spring, which tasted incredibly natural and pure. Moreover they served yummy desserts. We had a long talk about how great it is to grow your own food and how you can make veganism even more sustainable by using regional products and how important proper food combining is.

surf IIIIsurf IIsurf IIIsurf I

Raw-food: Organic, free from preservatives and chemical additives.
Tilia’s is the first gourmet raw food restaurant in Graz. Her stand was full of yummy lemonades, vegan maki rolls and energy balls. The shop itself has cute little atmosphere providing you with mouthwatering cake creations and much more. Tilia’s offers workshops & catering options. This is definitely the healthiest restaurant in Graz, where you can enjoy home-made raw vegan lunch & dinner. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

tilia's Itilia's II

Founded by two sisters from Vienna, who moved to the country side long time ago. Jennifer has been vegan for a while so at some point Yvonne was frustrated by not having a place where she can take her sister out for dinner. Their food truck had spicy and hearty means such as vegan burritos, chili sin carne and hot dogs. We had a lovely chat and it was delightful to hear that most people don’t even realize that their hot dog was vegan and they loved it anyway. Their food truck is traveling and you can find their locations here: Also they have a restaurant opened on weekends in Wolkersdorf.

jenonne Ijennone II

Organic vegan gluten and lactose free Soup in a bottle. Who doesn’t love soup? This is a very new business dedicated to organic vegan soup variations such as carrot cardamom, fennel dill and red beet cumin. This makes the perfect lunch, by simply warming the whole bottle up in a water bath. The creator is a experienced young chef, who worked in the US for a while. One more thing: their branding is pretty cool as well, done by Tom Lohner, a  young artist/graphic designer who had the unique chance to paint and exhibit his work at the street food market.

the soup inc IIthe soup inc I tom lohner

Yay. The very well-known parks, the cute little coffee shop at the Zinzendorfergasse in Graz had a promising food stand. They served green smoothies, a vegan sweet potato stew and I an incredibly deliciously soft and moist brownie topped with pumpkin seeds. Loved it.

parks IIparks I

Is an apple wine of organic apples created by a group of friends. Their thousands of idared apples are allowed to embrace their natural flaws. These apples are the real deal, and they make great photo-models. Every year the harvest is different and unique. The idyllic Grubtal in Gamlitz, southern Styria is their home. In Mana you can taste the serenity, the honesty and the natural beauty. You can find all the information you need on their website. Check out their crowd funding here.

mana Imana II

Lind Obstbau & Edelbrände is a friendly family business based in the east of styria providing different juices such as apple quince, peach and much more. Also, they have delicious brandies and liqueurs. I tried several of their products and I was incredibly surprised by the pureness of flavors. What a authentic taste. The family business has been founded by Mr. and Misses Lind and carried on by their son, who has found himself a promising hobby. I can’t wait to visit their farmyard. Insider tip!

lind I lind II

Just look at that design. Motif believes that the time is ripe for a wine with few words. They will no longer dictate what we see, taste and smell, so Motif can only be explained by a word in a Southern Styrian dialect, and a pattern of color and form. I was really glad to taste this vegan deliciousness, which was smooth, refreshing and sweet at the same time. Yay for mechanical filtration! You can order their 2013 Motif Wine Collection on their website. The collection consists of one bottle of each of their six unique wines.

motif IIImotif IImotif I

is a pretty cool Austrian Start-up. They distribute wines from small but excellent wineries. Their food stand provided us thirsty visitors with vegan, organic or regular wines and delicious creations with homemade rose, mint, and lemon balm syrup.The coolest part? G’schickter Wein as in „Sent Wine“ meaning that you can subscribe to get three unique Austrian wines every month to your door. What a great gift idea! What makes it so special is their awesome design which is full of incredible drawings made by my friend Philipp Grein, one of the co-founder.

gschickter wein Igschickter wein II

gschickter wein III

This interesting creation is by case vegan. The two flavors are white spruce coke and mandarine orange. It’s made by an Austrian chef. I got to try a yummy long drink and had a controversial chat with him. The stand was dominated by meat and cotton candy ice cream. The producer of Dr. Filler was not not very well informed about veganism, neither was he interested in a short but serious talk about it. As a gourmet chef his lack of knowledge was distressing.

dr. filler Idr. filler II

Based in Vienna, Biokuchl is dedicated to cooking with organic produce, partly vegan. They serve organic meat, but also had a vegan lentil dal which I got to try. What a great taste! Also their stand served visitors with smoothies, homemade ice-teas and more. I love that they only use biodegradable cutlery and plates. Plus, I got some cool cooking tips.

biokuchl IIbiokuchl I

this is a Slovenian Startup called HomeOGarden, as a web shop for organic products for urban gardening, after starting their own permacultural field on Rakitna for the preparation of natural, simple and delicious meals they decided to attend street food markets. Their food truck, called „the Green Pig“ had a vegan burger which my boyfriend would describe as „Holy… wow.. so good. Just so so good. So worth the money.“ made of kamut bread, homemade ketchup, caramelized onions, red bean & oatmeal burger chive vegan sauce and much more.

organic garden Iorganic garden II


Two charming brothers and one cheeky friend have a fancy food truck and bring Peruvian specialties to Europe. They serve meat but had very good vegan maniok fries and sweet potato chips. It’s always great to try out something new. Sometimes they also serve quinoa salad. We talked about Peru, and about how sad it is that people forgot about all the different types of root vegetables that mother nature provided us with. Also, I forgot all the Spanish I’ve studied in school.

peruvian bros IIperuvian bros Iperuvian bros III


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    GLG, Marlene (vom Lind Edelbrände-Stand)

    • iris says:

      Hallo Liebe Marlene, ach es hat so Spaß gemacht mit euch zu tratschen, da merkt man sich gerne viel 😉
      Danke nochmals für die tollen Kostproben, freu mich schon auf den Besuch bei euch! Alles Liebe

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