sweet churros and coconut cream

Oh, look at this one. Vanilla Cinnamon Churros & Cream. Definitely not the healthiest stuff you will find on my blog. Actually, I kinda stole it from The Vegan Stoner Cookbook, which was a gift from my lovely boyfriend from his last New York trip. Very nice book. Very nice recipe. Very bad for my waistline. Very addictive. Very easy to prepare. Did I already mention how incredibly good vanilla cinnamon churros are? And much healthier than the sweets you will find in stores. Preparation time is less than 10 minutes which makes it a great movie snack. So, don’t waste any time, go buy some plain flour tortillas asap. You are welcome. 



for 2; vegan


– 4 flour tortillas
– 1 tbsp. of vanilla sugar
– 1 tbsp. of coconut oil
– 3 tbsp. of cane sugar
– 1 tsp. of cinnamon
– whipped coconut cream


1. Cover tortillas evenly with coconut oil on both sides.
2. Bring cane sugar, cinnamon and half of the vanilla sugar together and spread evenly onto both sides of tortillas.
3. Cut as preferred and put on baking paper.
4. The final baking won’t take long, so heat oven on 150°C and let bake for not more than 5 minutes, so they will still be soft.
5. Whisk coconut cream with vanilla sugar in the meanwhile. Dip and enjoy.

cutcoconut oilIMG_7275baking papersweet churroyum