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Hey guys, how did you spend your summer? What plans do you have for the upcoming autumn/winter? If you love short city trips to escape your everyday routine I can highly recommend USE-IT maps. They are free, highly informative, personal, dynamic and very pretty to look at. I will focus on USE-IT Graz, „A map by locals for young travelers.“ It is time to get your free city map and travel like a pro. Check out how I spend a day in Graz with Manu & Edi, two lovely friends from high school and find what vegan options Graz is offering.


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– V I S I T   G R A Z –

>> You can download the map here or find printed maps here. <<

When it comes to traveling, I prefer talking to locals, searching the internet for cool vegan spots and staying far away from touristy crowds. When Maria Perner, the head behind USE-It Graz contacted me I was really excited to meet up with her since I haven’t heard about these awesome free maps before. Graz is such a lovely place and I personally find its USE-It map very authentic.  I will share some of my favorite places in Graz with you, some of them can be found within the USE-It map, others are out of my personal preferences and choices on how to I spend time in my town.

 First up: my day with Manu & Edi

☕️🍩 Manu, Edi & me started our tour walking through the culturally diverse Annenstraße towards the city center to have a bagel at Tribeka Kaiserfeldgasse. They have vegan options and several cafes within the city.

👯🍦☀️ Next up was the famous Herrengasse, followed by a quick stop at Eis Greissler at the beginning of Sporgasse were you get to enjoy delicious vegan ice cream. My favorites? Almond & dark chocolate.

🏙📸 After that we decided to check out the stunning roof top café and the historical red roof tops at Kastner & Öhler, a famous shopping center. No need to consume or buy anything to enjoy the view.

🚠🏰🌲For the first time in years I took the Schlossbergbahn instead of walking up its many stairs and enjoyed the magnificent scenery, just as I always do. The Schlossberg is one of my favorite places to walk my dog. There are seemingly uncountable pathways, terraces and places to discover. I’ve come to love it more every time. Time to chill on the hill.

🍕After that we were off for some Pizza. My favorite Italian restaurant in Graz which offers several vegan pizzas is Don Camillo at the Franziskanerplatz, also known as Little Italy.

 What other places do I recommend as a local?

🕰 If you are going to meet up with a local they will probably wait for you at the very well known Weikhard Uhr right at the Hauptplatz.

🖼🏢📸 If you are into graffiti & street art make sure to check out the Niesenbergergasse, the Bürgerspital/Rosenkranzgasse and the BLOC house.

🚴🏽🐕🏃🏼🌲 I have two dogs, and those dogs they want to run. So my favorite place to run is besides the river banks of the Mur. There is a pathways on the „left“ side and a bike lane on the „right“ one. I prefer to run up North on the „left“ side. There you can also find the cool Kalvarienberg. When I am off for a bike ride, I prefer to go South. You could go all the way down to Slovenia, which is something I want to do at some point. There are many places to stop and enjoy the scenery, like the Augarten, the Auwiesen or at some of the many little islands after the Murkraftwerk.

🐶 💕If you don’t have a dog yourself and you want to do some good you can go to the Arche Noah Graz and take a lovely shelter dog for a walk. This is something I frequently did before I adopted my dogs.

🌯 🍰 🍱 My favorite vegan restaurants are: Café Erde  (Seitan Wrap), Ginko (Buffett & Vegan Cakes!) / Ginko Greenhouse (Smoothie Bowls & more vegan cakes) and Erbse International (incredibly delicious vegan home cooked food).

💸 My favorite shops to by vegan foods are: Greisslerei, Lendplatz Farmers Market (open from 6 am to 1pm), Denns, Reformdrogerie Weinkopf and many more.

🍸Recently my favorite bars are: LUI, KABUFF and Kunsthauscafe. Again, there are many more.

🏛 Architectural wise I can recommend the well known places like Kunsthaus, Murinsel, K&Ö Roof Top, University of Technology Inffeldgasse, MUMUTH, Botanical Garden, Terrassenhaussiedlung, Mensa der Schulschwestern, Universalmuseum Joanneum and much more. Or you can do a guided tour on selected buildings with the HDA.

What other cool places does USE-It Graz recommend?

🇦🇹💪🏼You can check out Arnold Schwarzeneggers birth house in Thal. (NEED to do this one asap.)

🎤🍻🌙 The infamous MUSIC-HOUSE. A shabby basement-bar for all those of you who want to see how eccentric youngish Austrians party/get waisted. It was one of my favorite places between age 18 and 22. Now I am thinking about moving to the suburbs.

🌱🏛 COFEBA. Surprise: another vegan restaurant! If you want to visit the Karl Franzens University and spend some time around the student quarter, you could have lunch there. Just sayin’…

👗🙇🏻🎺 Wanna see some Styrian Tracht? Check out Steirisches Heimatwerk! I love Dirndl. They have a very flattering cut, which means they show lots of cleavage, define your waistline and are perfect for dancing.

IMG_1652Weikhard Uhr, Lobby Palais-Hotel Erzherzog Johann, Eis Greissler

IMG_1639Herrengasse mit Manu (teacher and saint) & Edi (pedagogue & really fast runner)

IMG_1705Roof top Café Kastner & Öhler

edigirl and me at the roof top cafe at Kastner und ÖhlerRoof top Café Kastner & Öhler

IMG_8783Schlossbergbahn & view

happy girls make my heart sing <3Schlossberg: the best place to tickle your friends.

IMG_1758View from the Schlossberg I

IMG_1744View from the Schlossberg II

tiny world, a lot to see Which USE-It map is it going to be?

IMG_1775View from the Schlossberg III

IMG_8757Will you dare to take a walk on the left side?

3 girls, 3 haircolours

I love you girls.
Thank you for being my smart, cheeky, funny and loving friends for all those years. I don’t know what I would do without you.

…And a crazy picture, because some traditions are not meant to be broken.  // …Und ein beklopptes Bild, weil manche Traditionen bricht man nicht. Bussi tussi, trulla und dummie. 

tussi, trulla & dummie

>> Check out/download the entire map here. <<


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