kindred kitchen #1So this is a new project I am working on, called Kindred Kitchen. And this handsome man had the honor to be the first to share his kitchen with me. What is happening here, you may ask. Well, this is me spending a day with my friends. We cook, we eat and we certainly have a good time. Just as usual, but I will ask them to tell me more about themselves, their lives and their hobbies. You get to know people so much better by just listening. Welcome to my photographic documentary about friends & food.

This one evening we spontaneously decided to make some raw carrot cupcakes. He leans towards a gluten free diet, and cuts back on white sugar, so this was a great decision for the both of us. Philipp is one of a kind. He is one of my newest friends, and I am very glad we met. We got to know each other when I worked 2 months at Lush over Christmas, he has been working there since the shop opened. I remember the first time we met in person and had an actual conversation, we totally hit it off. (Annenstraßen flea market, you remember?) His sense of humor is incredible. Dark and surprising. He studies English and has the best intuition for fashion. When I say studies, I mean he is absolutely rocking this place. He is so good, the „like a native speaker“ kind of good. Oh, and his apartment, very french, very classy! Whenever he is not working for Lush and giving great advice to clients he spends lots of time with Maison Margiella, Prada etc. He taught me that fashion comes from within. It you like something, wear it, but wear it with confidence. Don’t think about what others might think, or about if this color or this pattern suits you or not. Just be.

for 2; vegan & gluten free & raw & sugar free


5 organic carrots
5 dates, soaked
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 handfuls of grated mixed nuts
1 tablespoon of coconut sugar

200 g of cashew
1 tablespoon of coconut sugar
1 teaspoon of organic vanilla
juice of 1 lemon
lemon zest

1. Juice carrots, set juice aside (you won’t need it). You will only need the fiber-rich „leftover“. If you don’t have a juicer simply blend or shred carrots. What ever works best for you.

2. Grate nuts in blender or food processor if not bought grated. Do the same with dates. You might have to add some water here.

3. Bring carrots, cinnamon, nuts and coconut sugar together and knead well and make little cupcake like forms.

4. For the cashew creme simply blend cashews with as little water as possible, lemon juice, coconut sugar and vanilla until you a have a compact and smooth mass.

5. Use a pastry bag to top your raw carrot cupcakes with your yummy „frosting“. Decorate with freshly grated lemon peel.

6. Refrigerate for about 1 hour or more. Enjoy.

health benefits

Cashews are full with proanthocyanidins, which starve tumors and stop cancer cells from dividing. They have a lower fat content than most other nuts, and they contain copper and are particularly rich in magnesium which helps to lower blood pressure and diminishes the frequency of migraine attacks.

Carrots are very protective against cardiovascular diseases. Carrots rank high on the list of all commonly consumed antioxidant vegetables in terms of their beta-carotene content. Jules Stein (Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles) determined that women who consume carrots at least twice per week – in comparison to women who consume carrots less than once per week – have significantly lower rates of glaucoma (damage to the optic nerve often associated with excessive pressure inside the eye). Also carrot juice can be protective against risk of colon cancer.

coconut sugar

carrot base

cute, easy & healthy

almost done

cashew frosting












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